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Cambridge Business English Courses

Learn to communicate freely and confidently in a business English environment. Take our Business English Course.

If you want to be competitive, professional and demanded in the workplace, then develop your skills with Business English course offered by ESOLARM. 

Our courses are the best way to get the knowledge and the professionalism, which will help you to deal with your business partners and customers in English. The lessons are designed based on nowadays’ needs. It provides all the necessary skills to help you feel confident in any situation. 

Business English Course covers all the main 4 sections: reading, listening, writing and speaking.

The teaching resources are updated and they are built according to each level (BEC Preliminary, BEC Vantage and BEC Higher). The structure of our courses are interactive, acknowledging and dynamic. Our Business English Courses prepare the students to be ready to deal with any business issues, to overcome all the barriers and difficulties, to be confident and professional in everyday workload.    

After completing our Business English courses, you will have a unique opportunity to take official Cambridge English BEC exams. Our qualifications and certificates have no expiration date and are accepted in the best organizations all over the world. 

Բիզնես անգլերենի դասընթաց
Բիզնես անգլերենի դասընթացներ

As the authorized center of Cambridge Assessment English in Armenia, we offer all three levels of Business English courses.

The levels are set due to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) and are accessible for adults who want to study:

BEC Preliminary (B1 level)

BEC Vantage (B2 level)

BEC Higher (C1 level) 

Our program is based according to each level. After its completion our students will be able to take the official Cambridge Assessment English exam at ESOLARM Training and Testing Center and get the certificate. 

We provide all the necessary materials throughout course duration as well as study guides and practice tests (once a week). The course is taught by our qualified specialists from Armenia and abroad.

Your path to taking Business English course, step by step

Enroll to our Business English courses and get an internationally recognized Cambridge Business English certificates. We will help you feel at ease in a number of business related contexts. Take the Placement Test and choose the course which suits the best to your level.

Business Preliminary Course
Monthly Fee
Level: B1
Duration 3 months
Business Vantage Course
Monthly Fee
Level: B2
Duration 3 months
Business Higher Course
Monthly Fee
Level: C1
Duration 4 months

To Register for the courses

Step 1. Take the Placement test and send it to us

Step 2. We will send you the result and the level of the Course 

Step 3. Register for the Course according to the result 

Business English Course Registration Form

Business English Course 


Lesson Regularity: 3 times a week

Lesson length: 2 hours

Full length practice test each week

Number of classes: 39

Number of classes for Business Higher Course: 52

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